Quensus stands as a testament to unprecedented water savings, revolutionising the industry and putting thousands of pounds back into the hands of our clients. By proactively addressing inefficiencies and preventing water wastage, our clients have experienced substantial financial savings, with many reporting thousands of pounds saved annually. The intuitive machine learning and automated features ensure a swift response to potential issues, translating into not just a water-saving solution but a cost-effective one, making LeakNet an invaluable asset for businesses looking to enhance their sustainability efforts while protecting their bottom line.

What Level of Protection do you need?

There will be times when the budget may not allow having every area of the building protected, so you should discuss with your insurer the acceptable risk profile of the building. There are unlimited number of options, but we have simplified leak prevention into the following categories:

Quensus Platinum Solution v2
5 Yellow Stars

Quensus Platinum

A combination of bronze, silver and gold will provide the most effective leak prevention system available.

Automatic Flow Monitoring
Smart Shutoff Valves
Protection Per Unit
Protection Per Floor
Protection On Mains

Available Addons

Quensus Gold Solution v2
5 Yellow Stars

Quensus Gold

Automatic Flow Monitoring with Smart Shutoff Valves on the boosted supply to each unit/apartment. The most effective solution post-handover over the lifetime of the building.

Automatic Flow Monitoring
Smart Shutoff Valves
Protection Per Unit

Available Addons

Quensus Silver Solution v2
3 Yellow Stars

Quensus Silver

Automatic Flow Monitoring with Smart Shutoff Valves on the boosted supply to each floor (or each riser if plumbing is vertically fed). Ideal during construction because each floor can be isolated individually.

Automatic Flow Monitoring
Smart Shutoff Valves
Protection Per Floor

Available Addons

Quensus Bronze Solution v2
A single yellow star

Quensus Bronze

The absolute minimum you should be looking for is Automatic Flow Monitoring on the Mains Cold Water System and Boosted Cold Water System for the whole building. This is covered in the BREEAM WAT03 standard.

Automatic Flow Monitoring
Protection On Mains

Available Addons

Who is this solution suitable for?

asked questions.

Got questions? Ask us!

We have a friendly team ready to help you. Picking the right water solution can be tricky, but don't worry - we're your H2O Heroes! Let's solve this together!

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Which countries is this available in?
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FlowReporter and LeakNet are designed with global accessibility at their core. Here's how we ensure they work seamlessly across borders:

• Universal Power: The 12V DC power source is globally recognized, allowing you to plug in and operate the system directly from any standard power outlet worldwide.

• Cloud-Based Systems: Access real-time data and manage your water from anywhere with an internet connection. The web-based interface means no software installation and easy access from computers or mobile devices.

• Remote Commissioning: Our expert team can remotely configure and calibrate your system, ensuring optimal performance regardless of your location. This eliminates the need for on-site technicians in many cases, saving you time and resources.

• Fitting-Agnostic Design: Our leak detection technology is compatible with a wide variety of pipe materials and sizes. This flexibility simplifies installation without the need to source specialized components.

While we have established commercial partnerships in the UK, US, and Dubai, our solutions are accessible globally, making them suitable for use in any country.

Let us know where you plan to use FlowReporter and LeakNet. We'll provide specific guidance on installation, local regulations, and any other considerations to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.

What is your returns policy?
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You can see our returns policy at

What warranty is included?
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Quensus warrants the WiFi Base to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the period of time that FlowReporter is subscribed to (up to a maximum of 3 years). During this period, if a defect arises, we will either repair or replace the WiFi Base. Failures due to WiFi signal or power problems which are the customer’s responsibility are not considered faults.

Fittings which are plumbed in are covered by an OEM warranty which covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This warranty lasts 12 months from sale of the units.

Where do the Splash Sensors get installed?
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Splash Sensors should be placed only where waste water may be an issue - if someone has a shower as normal, but the plug seal has failed, the mains system will not pick this up. The most common areas are under shower trays because most other areas will be visibly wet and should be caught by eye, but places such as under the washing machine, under tanks, under sinks would offer additional peace of mind.

Every Splash Sensor should be within 20m of a Splash Gateway. The Splash Gateway just needs a standard ethernet cable connection to provide power and internet.

What are the alternative network connectivity options?
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There is no physical network connection, WiFi is always used. If for some reason the available WiFi is unsuitable, there are 2 options:

· Use a WiFi access point or router plugged into a physical port on the user's network which would transmit its own WiFi and only be used by LeakNet.

· Use a cellular hotspot (gateway) which would allow LeakNet to use a mobile network for internet connectivity (no connection to user's network). However, these would incur additional monthly costs for data, stipulated by the mobile network operator.

What if I have a weak WiFi?
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If you have weak WiFi signal which consistently drops, there are several options to correct the situation:

· Reduce the distance between the Base unit and WiFi router, either by moving the Base unit (and extending connection cables up to 10m) or by moving the WiFi router.

· Make sure there is some room around the Base unit. It should be at least 30cm away from metal objects and other electronics.

· Add a WiFi booster somewhere in the middle of the Base unit and WiFi router.

· Add a WiFi router nearby (by plugging into the building’s physical network) which would transmit its own WiFi and only be used by LeakNet.

· Add a 3G hotspot nearby which will connect over the cellular network using a SIM card.

For the last 3 points, get in touch! We can either supply or give you recommendations on the equipment to use.

Does the system come with a backup battery?
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It is highly unlikely that you would have a power outage and then a burst pipe during the outage. We usually find that a power outage might occur after a bad leak as water reaches the electrics, so by shutting the water off before this happens, we mitigate this risk. However, for those who do not want to take this risk, we can provide an optional rechargeable battery which will provide power to the unit for at least 24 hours after power failure.

Do you supply installation and/or fittings?
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We do not usually supply installation and/or fittings unless they have been requested.

We have an installer network to call upon, but it is up to the individual to determine the best fitting for each scenario.

Fittings for common installations are easily (and cheaply) bought from B&Q, Screwfix, Plumbfix, PTS, Toolstation etc.

Examples of fittings are 3/4 inch to 15mm push fit, or 1” to 22mm compression, or 1” to 28mm press fit.

Can I use my own meter and valve?
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You're welcome to use your own meters and valves, but our components are specifically designed to optimise leak detection and offer several advantages:

Valves: Our motorised valves offer significant advantages:

  • Power Saving: They consume less energy.
  • Water Hammer Prevention: They open and close smoothly, preventing pressure surges that can damage pipes.
  • Pressure Loss Reduction:  They have a full bore design, minimising pressure drop.
  • Feedback Mechanism: They provide real-time status updates, so you always know if the valve is open or closed.

Meters: Our meters are engineered for superior sensitivity. They have a low pulse weight (under 0.5 liters per pulse) and a low starting flow rate, which means they detect leaks faster than typical water meters. Our smaller flow sensors offer additional benefits too:

  • Compact Size: Easier to install in tight spaces.
  • Cost-Effective: Typically more affordable than larger meters.
  • High Resolution: With hundreds of pulses per litre, they provide real-time visualisation of water flow, making it easier to spot anomalies:
Water Meter output
High resolution Flow Sensor output
What size valve is best for leak detection?
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Our system can accommodate meters and valves up to 8 inches in size. However, for optimal leak detection, we recommend flow sensors in the ¾-inch to 1.25-inch range. Here's why:

  • Higher Resolution: Smaller sensors offer greater sensitivity to subtle changes in flow, making it easier to detect even minor leaks.
  • Faster Response Time: Smaller sensors react more quickly to flow fluctuations, providing real-time leak visualisation and enabling faster anomaly detection.

While larger meters can still monitor overall water loss, they may be less effective at pinpointing specific leaks, especially in areas with high and variable water consumption.

How does the water shutoff valve work?
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The water shutoff valve can be opened and closed in a few ways:

  • Online:  Easily control the valve from anywhere using our online platform.
  • Manual buttons:  Press the buttons on the base unit to open or close the valve.
  • Physical override:  If the power goes out, you can still turn the valve manually.
Can the system be used for water bills?
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While all of our flow meters are highly accurate and perfect for leak detection and tracking water usage within your property, only MID-approved meters can be used for official billing purposes.

Our meters above 1.5" are already MID-approved and designed for billing. For smaller pipe sizes, we typically recommend our highly accurate flow sensors, but we can easily substitute MID-approved meters if billing is a requirement. We're happy to guide you through the selection and installation process.

What is the minimum leak level flow rate?
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Our leak detection sensitivity varies depending on pipe size:

  • Up to 4 inches: Minimum detectable flow rate is approximately 0.5 litres per minute (equivalent to a dribbling tap).
  • Above 4 inches: Minimum detectable flow rate is around 3 litres per minute due to the larger pipe diameter.

There is the ability for "drip detection" in the software which makes the alerts much more sensitive to minuscule events but should not be relied upon as it takes much longer to detect because of the tiny volumes.

To maximise physical detection of very small leaks, follow the installation guidelines in our manual for optimal sensor placement.  For the most sensitive drip detection, we recommend leak cable or our wireless splash sensors.

Are there ongoing charges?
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Yes, there is a subscription charge to access the FlowReporter premium features.

While the basic functionalities of automatic shut-off, leak alerts, and remote valve control are available without a subscription, the premium features are designed to offer a more comprehensive and proactive approach to water management.

Without a free subscription, you'll still get:

  • Automatic shut-off in case of leaks
  • Leak alerts via SMS and email
  • Remote control of your water valve

With a premium subscription, you'll also get access to:

  • Enhanced Leak Detection and Prevention:
    • Learning functionality that adapts to your unique consumption profile.
    • Holiday alarms, low flow alarms, and timed shut-off for added security and control.
    • Full alert history and valve log for better understanding of your water usage patterns.
  • Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting:
    • Easy-to-use dashboard to monitor and manage all devices.
    • Real-time and historical consumption data for deeper insights.
    • Revenue meters and water bill comparison tools for cost savings.
    • Comparison alerts to identify discrepancies between different areas.
  • Additional Support and Services:
    • Priority customer service and technical support.
    • Assistance with getting units back online and serviced.
    • Configuration of alert settings and thresholds.
    • Diagnostics of WiFi equipment and signal quality.
    • Consultancy on consumption data and leakage reporting.
    • Installer and user training.
    • Extended warranty on electronics.

The wireless water sensor alerts, with their real-time alerts and full water contact alert history, are also part of the premium subscription.

If you're looking for a comprehensive solution to monitor, manage, and protect your water supply, the premium subscription provides the most value. However, if you're primarily interested in basic leak detection and shut-off functionality, the free version may suffice.

Full details at:

How do you handle device data, and where is it stored?
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Your data's security and privacy are our top priorities. We use a multi-layered approach to protect your information:

  1. Local Storage: Your data is stored directly on your FlowReporter device, ensuring quick access and offline functionality.
  2. Secure Cloud Backup: We maintain a robust cloud server in London, where your data is securely backed up. This allows for remote access and an extra layer of protection.
  3. Encryption and Anonymization: All communication with FlowReporter is encrypted using bank-level security standards. We also anonymise water usage data to further protect your privacy.
  4. Robust Network Security: Access to your device within the WiFi network should require a strong password, and even if accessed, data is anonymised, making it extremely difficult to identify individual usage or control your valve.

As the data controller, we strictly adhere to GDPR regulations. You own your data, and we'll never sell it. You can request to export or delete your data at any time. We're committed to providing transparent and secure data management for your peace of mind.

Can data be exported?
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Data can be exported, either within the FlowReporter software (in different formats such as straight into Excel), or using our API.

How does offline mode work?
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Offline mode means that devices can continue to provide many functions even when not connected to the internet. This might happen intermittently when the WiFi connection drops, or intentionally if remote functionality isn’t required.

Time is maintained inside the device (including daylight savings changes) and alert thresholds are stored so that the following functionality is maintained offline:

· Opening and closing the valve using the physical buttons

· Shutting the valve when there is a major alert (due to permanent, dynamic, and holiday thresholds)

· Purging regimes for Legionella control

· Recording flow and consumption (and bulk sends it next time it connects, storing up to a few days of usage before applying First In First Out principal)

· Opening and closing the valve as indicated in Shutoff Zones

Functionality which is lost when operating offline includes:

· Email and SMS leak alerts

· Realtime monitoring of flow

· Remote valve operation

· Up-to-date graphs and analysis (e.g. learning modes)

· Over-The-Air updates

Can cellular communication be used instead of WiFi ?
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Yes; To create a self-contained network, cellular 3G/4G will be used. An external 3G/4G antenna will be placed in the best possible position (usually on the roof) and relay internet for each area inside the building via WiFi routers.

How do I turn the water back on if it goes off?
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To Open or Close a valve from FlowReporter:

1. Click on the selected device from your dashboard or click the link directly from the alert.

2. At the bottom of the page will show the last known status of the valve (open/closed).

3. Click on the Open/Close button to activate the valve – if the device is online, this should start within 1 second, otherwise it will wait until the device is back online.

You can also open and close the valve manually by pushing the buttons physically on the Base unit itself. Please push the relevant button in for 1 second to force the valve fully open or fully closed. Motorised valves will continue turning until they reach the end.

How does leak detection work for devices monitoring multiple areas (e.g., an entire building)?
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Alerts for devices monitoring multiple areas are set based on learned consumption patterns, just like individual dwellings. However, there are a few key differences to keep in mind:

  • Slower Alert Response: With higher and more variable water usage, it may take longer for the system to identify unusual patterns and trigger alerts. This is because water is more likely to be flowing constantly, and the learning algorithm works best with predictable consumption profiles.
  • Night-time Detection: Alerts will be most effective during night-time hours when water usage is typically lower and more consistent.  This allows for easier detection of leaks when there should ideally be zero flow.

If you have further questions or would like assistance selecting the right sensor for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Can I share access to my system with others?
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Yes, you can easily share access to your online device with multiple users! We offer a flexible permission system that allows you to control what each user can do:

  • Owner: This is the highest level of access. Owners can add or remove other users, change device settings, and operate the valve.
  • Other Roles: You can create custom roles with specific permissions, such as viewing data, receiving alerts, or operating the valve in limited ways.

This way, you can give the building manager full control, allow tenants to view their water usage, and grant maintenance staff access only to shut off the water in emergencies.

Regarding ownership transfer: To maintain security, device ownership cannot be transferred remotely. It requires physical access to the device to re-register it under a new owner. This prevents unauthorised access and ensures that only authorised individuals can control the device and your water supply.

What algorithms are used to detect leaks?
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Machine learning is used by our software to profile the tenant using their historic data in a typical weekday or weekend. The learning algorithm recognises events using time and volume within certain time periods in a day. This apparent simplicity brings the optimum balance of sophistication and ease of use.

From millions of points of data, we discovered early on that in the majority of cases, people conformed to habitual cycles of flow which could be extrapolated to predict future consumption and therefore used as a measure to set alarm thresholds. By splitting weekdays from weekends, and then further splitting those days by time, the algorithm sets alarm thresholds based on the maximum consumption events which have been seen in the past.

The user or concierge can run the learning algorithm whenever they feel it is required - after installation, when a new tenant moves in, or after a fault is fixed. The ability to view and manually override these thresholds within the software is intentional, so that users feel in control and can easily understand why any alerts have occurred. The algorithm can also learn on-the-fly if the user reacts to any false alarms by telling the software not to shut off the water supply when prompted.

How do I set alerts for special events?
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A holiday alarm should be set when the water use will be abnormal for a period of time, for example if you are away on holiday (lower than normal water consumption), or if you know you’ll be filling up a swimming pool on a certain day (higher than normal water consumption).

The holiday alarms will override any others set, and only be active within a chosen time range.

To set a holiday alarm:

1. Click the “Holiday Mode” button in the alarms section of the settings page of your device. This takes you to the “Holiday Alarms” page.

2. In the “Create New Alarm” section, set the “Start Time“, “From” date, “To” date, “End Time“, Alert and Shut off values.

3. Click “save“.

You will now see the newly created alarm details in the displayed table. Up to 15 holidays can be stacked up, which will be stored in the device’s memory offline too.

At any point, you can adjust the values more precisely – just click “edit”.

Alarms can be deleted by checking the box next to each alarm and then clicking the “Delete” button.

How do I change alert thresholds?
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There are 3 alert categories: · Permanent – active 24/7. · Dynamic – changes based on the time of day and day of the week, learnt from your consumption history. · Holiday – exceptions which override any other setting and can be used to force a low threshold (if you are away), or force a high threshold (if you predict a spike).

Each alarm category has a 2 stage process: ‘Alert’ and ‘Shut off’ which is specified using a time and volume of water to be consumed before an alarm is raised. Both alarms will send a notification by email and/or SMS (based on your preferences in user settings).

· Exceeding the ‘Alert’ threshold triggers a Minor Alert which sends a notification.

· Exceeding the ‘Shut Off’ threshold triggers a Major Alert which sends another notification, and (optionally) turns the water off.

As an example of a simple alarm, here is a situation where the flow of water begins at 17:30 and the thresholds are

· Alert threshold = 30 minutes or 60 litres

· Shut off threshold = 2 hours or 240 litres

Note that no alarm is set by default when a device is first installed, to give time for history to be built up and learnt. However, alarms can be created and modified remotely at any time.

After 1 week, “dynamic thresholds” can learn from your past water consumption, which will record your unique water profile for any area of the building you monitor.

Am I able to prevent FlowReporter from automatically shutting off the water supply?
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FlowReporter will alert you twice after a large amount of water has been used, either via email or text.

In the first alert, you are able to respond and confirm normal usage to prevent the water supply from being shut off for that event.

If you do not respond, the second alert (some time later) will notify you that the water supply has been turned off to prevent water damage.

How do I get alerts?
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When you register for an account, you will supply an email and (optionally) a phone number. Once your email is confirmed, you will receive alerts via email by default. Once your phone number is confirmed, in user settings, you have the option to receive alerts by SMS too (or instead).

How does FlowReporter know when to send alerts or turn the water off?
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You can set customisable thresholds for time and volume of water expected, at any time within the online app. If FlowReporter finds your water consumption has exceeded any of the threshold levels, you will get a warning. If the consumption persists without intervention, then a second threshold exists which will automatically turn the valve off. You can adjust the thresholds as often as you’d like until they suit your individual needs.

The dynamic learning mode can be used after just one week of normal usage, which will set much more detailed thresholds suited to your unique consumption profile.

How do I add a device to my dashboard?
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I can see that you have registered but you will have to tell the device to connect to your account. You can do this in one of two ways:

· Log in to FlowReporter and register the device directly from your account. This will make you the device owner, or

· Ask the device owner to send you access by sending to your email.

What details do I need to provide in order to use FlowReporter?
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You will only need to provide your email, in order to log in and receive any alerts from FlowReporter. You may also add your mobile number in order to receive text message (SMS) alerts.

Who can use FlowReporter?
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Anyone can use FlowReporter! The user interface is intuitive and very easy to use.

Even if you don’t use the graphs or ever login to the online app again, our algorithms will constantly be at work in the background to make sure you only get notified if there is a problem.

The user who first configures the FlowReporter device will be named the “owner”. However, they may also grant other users access to it. They may limit other user’s permissions such as setting the valve or adding more users under the device “settings”

Where is the best place to find help on how to use?
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Clicking the Question mark Help button within the app is the best place to find help. The software is constantly being updated with new and better features so static documentation (like this) may be out of date.

How do I install the FlowReporter app?
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Download the android / iOS app by searching for FlowReporter.

Or from the browser in your phone, go to

Then in your browser options/settings, there should be the option to "Add to home screen". The method changes slightly depending on apple or android version.

Clicking this will then add the app to your phone, in essence, it is more of a bookmark since the app is all web-based.

This means that the software can be used from a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, without installing anything

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