Commercial leak detection
Commercial leak detection

Discover intelligent flow-based leak detection for comprehensive coverage. Our system, measuring flow at the mains, adapts to commercial buildings, triggering alerts and preventing water damage. Wired or wireless, tailored solutions for any environment.

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Intelligent flow-based leak detection

Our leak detection systems primarily use the measurement of flow to work out whether a leak is detected. This measurement can happen at the mains supply where the water enters the building. What this means is that you do not have to think about all the possible places a leak could occur as the system will cover the entire building.

Commercial buildings will have a fairly consistent consumption profile which can be learnt and compared against. Any consumption which exceeds what has been seen before will be flagged. Consumption that critically exceeds the thresholds will trigger the valve, shutting the water off to prevent costly water damage to your building and contents.

Drip and Flood detection

Our leak detection system allows the connection of wireless leak detection modules which can be wired or wireless depending on the environment.

Wired leak detection cable is great for covering a large surface area in one go, or for wrapping around large pipes e.g. plant room tanks, risers, booster pumps etc.

Wireless leak detection spot sensors are ideal for covering many different areas in a large building e.g. office block, warehouse, airport etc.

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